Sunday, December 10, 2017

Heretical Musings...

O Moses, take me to the Promised land,
O Jesus, show me your eternal Love,
O Muhammad, reveal to me what was revealed to you,
O Buddha, guide me on your path to Peace,
O Krishna, advice me for I am lost.

The religions misguide me, I know not what to follow.
I need solace, O Teachers, grant me your esoteric knowledge.
The books are silent, I need your letters.
I need gospels straight from your hearts.
Take me to the Father in Heaven, for I need answers.
How long shall this silence last?
How much shall I pray, how much shall I fast?
O Prophets, where have you gone?
O Apostles, why no answer comes?

Despair surrounds me, as i fall into the Nihilism.
Take me out of this void, O Masters of mysticism.
There was a guy, they call him Rumi,
In his couplets I often find some clues.
But incomplete is his poetry, empty is his cup.
My heart is still thirsty for the wine of true Love.

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