Monday, April 7, 2014

Expectations A Necessary Evil

Hi everyone,

You all must be aware of the things i am going to write in this blog from the title only and must be expecting(sic) to find about more.
Well I hope to answer some of them. We all are riddled of this thing called expectations and still finding it hard to find a permanent solution to this question. Question?? You all will ask how expectation is a question. Just give a quick look at your life and you will find a number of instances when you would have been in pain or hurt just because of expectations nothing else, no mishappenings nothing just expectations.
 Such is the power of keeps on generating in your mind and just like a child's tantrums when not fulfilled start giving you troubles. So its time to start teaching this kid some manners and behave as  asked to do. Its OK to throw a few tantrums now or then but every time it sees an opportunity is not at all excusable.
 So the thing is how to teach this kid..its easier said than done as a spoiled child is hard to control but there are measures we can take to avoid such situations..such as not feeding it in the initial place for which it can crave later. We must learn to train our minds to let go of little expectations also as this way they are a lot more easier to handle. 
The expectations we are mostly hurt by in our daily life is from our loved ones. I know it must be wrong of me to say that do not expect at all. That is something too much to ask for, but yeah we can avoid the disappointment that comes out of it. First of all you should be aware of the person you are expecting from..there are people who have got no idea whatsoever the person who lookouts for them can expect from them..they are at little faults as they are not provided with the ability to look upon such matters.
Its our own human instinct that defeats us in the purpose...whenever we do something for somebody we expect the same from them... why this feeling of give and take originates from us. may be its from some subconscious habit of the pre historic era that propels us to expect. The expectations generates from the very fact when we start believing that we have done something for someone. Can't we put this thought out of our mind that it was not us exclusively who would have done that. God has his means to get the things he wants done in this world... may be it was me this might be somebody else next time.

Next time when you do something for your loved ones just shy away from the idea that it can reap you anything in the future and ask yourself why you are doing it..Is it because of the love you have for that person or is it just that you are doing it so that he or she will do the same when you want them. Always do the the things out of love, duty..never in exchange of some expectations to build up...This way you will benefit a lot from it and when that person does something for you that you were not expecting, it will be a double pleasure. 

Keep loving to be loved... :-)

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